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Travel Tip: Wear flip flops

The last few trips I have taken have been made a tad bit more comfortable and pleasant because I wore flip flops.

First, going through security is a breeze since you don’t have to take off and put your shoes back on (I hate doing that.) Most of the time, they just let me walk through security with my flip flops, though in JFK I actually had to take them off, which wasn’t a big deal because of how easy the procedure is with flip flops. Second, when you’re actually on the plane, it is nice to be able to kick off the flip flops and walk around barefoot. Call me a hippy, but I quite enjoy the feeling of carpet on my feet.

I think any flip flops will do, but I am partial to Rainbow and Reef. They mold to your feet over time and are extremely comfortable. I believe Rainbow has a lifetime guarantee on the soles of their sandals. Once they are worn out, they will replace them for FREE — the part that is molded to your feet stay on the sandal. Don’t quote me on that though.

Give it a try.

3 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Wear flip flops

  1. Sandals are nice, but there is a disadvantage for frequent fliers…. If you get the exit row (which I often do), it get’s cold there and sandals don’t provide the necessary warmth. I still rock the sandals too, but make sure you grab a blanket. Happy Travels Ray!

  2. I must disagree; I always wear comfortable athletic shoes when in foreign places because you never know when you’ll need good footing. You can tie them loosely or wear slip ons if you want to get in and out easily.

    Consider if someone attacks you or you’re caught in a disaster. You’ll be glad you had sneakers on. Even slightly better footing goes a long way even in mundane situations.

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