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I’m Raaid.

Twitter: @raaidahmad | LinkedIn | Quora

Thank you for taking the time to visit me on the web. Below are some of my favorite discussions and musings.

Raaid Ahmad on Statistically Interesting Podcast – I chat with Jake Stein, the COO of RJMetrics about diminishing returns multi-tabling online poker, Weebly’s technology stack, and how to think about organizing an analytics team that can drive company success.

Tried and True Investing Advice – This is my treatise on passive index investing, the difficulties of beating the market, and cognitive bias. I also take a separate deep dive into cognitive biases in investing.

Roboadvisors are good investment vehicles – In this post, I respond to an article by Blake Ross on the issues with Roboadvisors. I disagree with him vehemently.

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