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About Me

my self

Hi there, I’m Raaid (I pronounce it Ra-yeed, not like the bug spray). I spend most of my time with friends and family, eating (not fancy) food, reading, writing, thinking, and investing. I find happiness in learning, teaching, solving really difficult problems. I also enjoy watching football, playing poker, fantasy sports, and Ultimate Frisbee, telling stories, and trying to understand who people really are and what motivates them. I dislike judgment without seeking understanding and the imposition of one’s will on others.

Developing meaningful relationships, continuous personal growth, and the pursuit of wisdom are my life’s work. The scientific method, human cognition, and decision-making are absolutely fascinating to me so I direct much of my personal and professional curiosity towards pursuing understanding in these subjects. Practically, this has led me to a career spanning deep work in investing, consumer behavior, data science, and organizational leadership.

my work

I am currently the head of analytics for Facebook‘s core growth organization. I am also an active angel investor and advisor to 4DX and OpenInvest, the world’s first socially responsible online investment advisor.

Prior to that, I was the Vice President of Analytics and Data Science at Weebly, Head of Analytics and Data Science at Kiwi, Inc., and directed high risk trading strategies for Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, for 5 years. In my past life I spent almost 3 years playing competitive poker, publishing a personal finance blog, and conducting nothing-to-write-home-about entrepreneurial ventures.

my expensive pieces of paper

I received my MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (one of the best decision’s I’ve made) and a BS in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

my fun facts

I’ve got some experiences that have given me esoteric knowledge in some strange areas. Feel free to ask me about them any time.

* Fantasy Wrestling (as in, a fantasy sport) in the mid-late 1990’s
* High school policy debate from 1998-2004
* The Magic: The Gathering card market on eBay circa 2004-2005
* Learning Mandarin to exploit arbitrage opportunities in the virtual economy of the online game Lineage 2
* Pallets of glowsticks

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook (obviously) or Twitter.