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Google, Search Engine

Can you imagine what the internet would be like without search engines?  How often do you use google?  If google and all other search engines disappeared of the face of the planet, how would it effect your life?

Google has this neat little feature which is called “Personalized Search.”  It apparently optimizes your search results based on your clicks so when you run a search, articles that you’re more likely to want to read, come up higher in the search list.  Besides the privacy implications of this, it is a pretty neat feature.  According to Google, I ran 489 Google searches during the month of August so far.  That is an average of 18.8 times per day.

If search engines disappeared, I think my world might collapse.

The Beginning, Again

This is approximately the 3439084th (or 5th) time that I have attempted to start a blog and 3439083rd (or 4th) time I have said “I’ll actually keep posting this time.” There have been a slew of reasons why I put up, took down, put up, and took down my blogs over and over.

But alas, I think this one is here to stay. Besides the obvious privacy implications, I see no compelling reason not to keep one. Nor do I see a real compelling reason *to* keep one. Nevertheless, on a whim I decided to create this site, and at least for now, I’ll keep it.